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Plattfisch im Ostseeaquarium  
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63. Anniversary year 2021  
Anniversary year 2021 70 years ago, Prof. Otto Dibbelt laid the foundation for the successful history of the German Oceanographic Museum with the founding of the Nature Museum. Not only the…

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64. Press Photos  
Press Photos Find press photos sorted by museum location and theme of the year here. All photos uploaded are press photos and may be used free of charge for any news coverage connected to the…

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65. Press Contact  
Press Contact and Credentials If you are planning to visit our museum locations for research/investigation purposes, please contact us prior to your stay (a couple of business days before) so we can…

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68. Michael Dähne  
since 2015 Curator of Marine Mammals at the German Oceanographic Museum utschen Meeresmuseum Stralsund 2015 Researcher at University Aarhus, Denmark 2011 - 2015 …

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70. Feedings  
All Feedings Coming soon:

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