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81. Gruppenflyer OZEANEUM (873 KB)  
Gruppenflyer OZEANEUM (873 KB) Vorteile OZEANEUM Stralsund • • • • freier Eintritt für Busfahrer und Reiseleiter bevorzugter Einlass für angemeldete Gruppen barrierefreies Haus mit drei Aufzügen…  
82. Events  

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83. Press Contact  
Press Contact and Credentials If you are planning to visit our museum locations for research/investigation purposes, please contact us prior to your stay (a couple of business days before) so we can…

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84. 21_09_01_Organigramm.pdf  
Deutsches Meeresmuseum Organigramm Museum für Meereskunde und Fischerei . Aquarium gültig ab 01.09.2021 Direktorium Direktor Direktor Prof. Dr. Burkard Baschek Andreas Tanschus Assistenz des…  
85. Events  

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86. Feedings  
All Feedings Coming soon:

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87. Feedings  
Feedings* If you want to know what is on the menu of the sea dwellers in the OZEANEUM, it is best to plan our feeding times into your visit: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday…

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88. Building plan & virtual tour  
Building plan Virtual tour Have a virtual preview tour of MEERESMUSEUM here:  Tour with Google Street View

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90. All feedings  
All Feedings coming soon:

Pfad: /MEERESMUSEUM/Landing-Pages/Fütterungen/  
Search results 81 until 90 of 520