Children and Families

Here are some useful tips to make your trip to NATUREUM an experience for adults AND children:

There is more than one way to the lighthouse

Even getting to NATUREUM is a little adventure by itself, no matter if you travel on foot or by bike. If you prefer to slow down and relax, you may hop in for a coach ride through the Darß Forest.

Flora and Fauna

If you carefully look left and right, the fascinating flora and fauna of the Darß region will catch your eye.

Climbing the lighthouse

If you are not scared of heights and do not run out of breath quickly, you should take a chance on climbing the 126 steps to the lighthouse’s viewing platform. Once you have reached the top at 28 metres, you will be rewarded with a great view over the scenery and the Baltic Sea.

Climbing Ship

Children can set sails on our climbing ship in NATUREUM’s inner yard while grown-ups may take a rest at the museum café’s Patio.

Darß Western Beach

NATUREUM is located near Darß western beach. Take a walk, look for beach finds or just gaze at the sea.

Diver "Jaques"

"Jaques" the little diver has already explored the Darß and is now looking for companions to be with him when visiting NATUREUM.

If you wish to learn more about the world of the oceans beyond your museum visit, you can go on a virtual journey on our website


Excursion & Night Stop Tips

Besides exploring the Darß’ flora and fauna, you may also want to discover the beautiful island of Rügen and the old Hanseatic City of Stralsund.